What is inside VxRail 4.7- Newest version

Let’s talk in a little more detail about all of the software that is included in VxRail. When we said it comes fully loaded on the previous slide, we mean it.

There are three key elements: the software defined storage powered by vSAN, deployment and management tools, and data protection that’s included at no additional cost.

Within the vSAN software defined storage component, you now have the option to choose the vSAN software that best suits your needs. You can order VxRail with vSAN Enterprise, Advanced, or Standard. VxRail still ships with a vCenter Server instance for all VM management, and vRealize Log Insight for all activity logging. You can see it says vSphere ready at the bottom of that list. VxRail can support any vSphere license you bring or order form Dell EMC.

In the middle is VxRail Manager. This is your primary deployment and element manager interface. VxRail Manager is also where you add nodes to a cluster. And it’s where you can find key support information and tools, such as the knowledge base and SRS – the dial home functionality for proactive support. As we’ve said, VxRail Manager functionality is going to be available in vCenter.

Last but not least, one of the huge advantages of VxRail is that it comes with excellent data protection options. These are included in the price of the appliance and can be activated in the VxRail Manager user interface. I’ll talk about each of these, RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines, and vSphere Replication. There are compelling data protection options you can add on as well.



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